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About Me

Nov. 3, 2020 / June 2, 2021

About Me

 My close friends usually call me a ICT engineer, a photographer, a executive coordinator, a supporter, a wandering researcher, a sponsor, ..., sometimes a fixer(!!).
 But, I have been working as a mere assistant of information processing section in senior high school for over 30 years, as catalyst to stimulate 'chemical reaction' of between teachers for several sustainable collaborative learning projects by ICT. I'm a lonely and unsung old 'backroom boy' for ICT education. I love smiles that positive teachers and students share at closing ceremony of project. And I really hate pseudo teachers who imputes responsibility of own incompetence and dereliction of duty to ICT assistants and Education Board and students.

I've been owning and managing the some servers or virtual private servers, and the some domains, for my activities that support the constructive collaborative learning projects by ICT, since 1996. These are neither main business nor side businesses. and I don't have the income by these. But, my close friends' smile always makes me happy.